Standard Duty Shafted Take-Up

Standard Duty Shafted Take up

Standard Duty Shafted Take up(Shown above Model #TU-3 Take-Up w/ Manual Hydraulic Jack and Electronic Metering Device) 


These Standard Duty Shafted Take-Up Units are offered in capacities from 3,000 to 15,000 lbs. with reel sizes ranging from 20″ up to 108″ in diameter. Drive options are Hydraulic, AC or SCR DC. Also offered with automatic material traversing systems and integrated electric hydraulic cutting device for the MTU series and tensioning systems for the MPO units. These units offer mobile practical reeling technology at an economical price.

Model MIN. / MAX. Diameter (In) MAX. Width (in) Weight Capacity Tons / Lbs.
MTU-3 20 (in) / 48 (in) 36 (in) 3000
MTU-4 30 (in) / 54 (in) 42 (in) 4000
MTU-5 38 (in) / 60 (in) 48 (in) 5000
MTU-10 40 (in) / 72 (in) 54 (in) 10,000
MTU-15 66 (in) / 96 (in) 60 (in) 15,000
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