Reel Lifter

Reel Lifter



( Shown Above Model # RL-40 / 40,000 LB )




The Reel Lifter is the only reel tool that will really work for you. The Reel Lifter gives you more lift. With higher load ratings, stamped right on the tool, you can use The Reel Lifter for a wider range of reel weights. With the increased load capacity from model RL-20 from 2,000 to 3,000 lbs, the Model RT-40 increased from 4,000 to 4,500 lbs., the Reel Lifter is more versatile. With a new flipping feature, it is a multi-use tool that gives you more flexibility in the warehouse and in the field. The RL-20 and RL-40 Models allow you to safely flip a reel from rolling to non-rolling position.

The Reel Lifter is economical, easy to use and works on a swivel. The Reel Lifter can cut cost in the field by allowing one man to do the job instead of three or four. In the warehouse one man can lift, stack and spin heavy reels for payoff operations. The Reel Lifter cuts time laying underground cable. Just suspend the reel over the trench and go. The Reel Lifter is light, and you can carry it in one hand. Any lifting equipment can become a de-reeling machine with the Reel Lifter. The Reel Lifter does make the difference when standard equipment is not available.

Model MIN. MAX. Arbor Size
In. / (mm)
Weight Capacity
Lbs. (kg)
 RL-10  1 1/4 (32) / 2 (51)  500 (227)
 RL-20  2 (51) / 4 (102)  3,000 (1,361)
 RL-40  3 (76) / 6 (152)  4,500 (2,041)
 RL-60  2 5/8 (67) / 6 (152)  12,000 (5,443)


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