Parallel Compartment Reels

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(Model # RPR-45 w/ Reel Stand)          (Shown Above Model #RRP)


Paralleling Reels are equipped with rolled tubing flanges. A 2″ arbor hole is also standard. These units are compatible with any of our Take-up or Payoff equipment, and reduce the need for multiple payout systems. Popular with Electrical contractors. Multi-compartment reels allow paralleling of cables onto a master reel. Take just one reel to the job site with all the different lengths of cable you need. Reels available with 3, 4 or 5 compartments. Manufactured from rolled tubing flanges with a standard 2″ arbor hole and is compatible with any of our take-up or payoff equipment.

Please Note: All specialty reels are to customer specifications.

Model Dimensions Compartment Details
RPR-35 40″ Dia. x 16″ ID x 32″ W 3 compartments x 650 ft. of 500 MCM per compartment
RPR-45 40″ Dia. x 16″ ID x 32″ W 4 compartments x 500 ft. of 500 MCM per compartment
RPR-55 40″ Dia. x 16″ ID x 32″ W 5 compartments x 650 ft. of 400 MCM per compartment


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PWR Reel Stands offer safe, quiet and smooth are payoff from compartment or master reels. All models are constructed from a heavy tube steel and come standard with an industry leading paint specification that was formulated for Offshore Oil Platforms. PWR’s superior paint specification insures that the equipment will perform for many years with an extended term life due to the heavy paint coating that provides a high level of resistance to abrasion. These units are perfect for most any construction environment, including even the most severe coastal and industrial applications.

PWR Reel Stands come standard with a locking device that provides a secure way of transporting reels to the jobsite. The locking mechanism prevents reel damage while loading or unloading, as well as preventing theft in transport or at the jobsite. Units include replaceable, extended wear resistant, high tensile, CDA-649 silicon tin bronze alloy, shaft support saddles. Each unit comes standard with a 1-1/2”, 2” or 2-1/2” diameter hardened steel shaft, depending on individual stand model and weight specification.


1) Powered Reel Stand Options include Electric Hydraulic or AC Vector Powered Reel Stands for Take-Up applications to 100,000 lbs. and Powered Payout for simple power assist for ease of material payoff. Powered Stands are available with optional features that include digital touchscreen, automatic level-wind traverse units for even cable placement on to reels, AC vector drives or hydraulic drives, transmissions, and closed loop constant tension controls.

2) Reel Loading and Unloading Option includes an Electric Hydraulic Lift Assist package.

3) Tension Control Options includes Drum Type Manual Tensioning Brake or Drum Type Electromagnetic Tensioning Brake, as well as Hydraulically Controlled Tensioning.

4) Shaft Arbor Cone Option includes (2) removable, hardened steel cone shaped arbor adaptors, that depending on shaft diameter, will accept a 1-3/4” to 6” diameter payout reel arbor hole.

5) Paint Specification Options includes customer specified Color Choice, placement of Customer Logo Decal, area signifying “Property Of” with Owners – Company Name, Address, Phone Number and Unit Identification Number.

6) Lock Options includes multiple Lock Sizes, Hasp Diameters and Lock Configurations.


Model MIN./MAX. Diameter In. (mm) MIN. / MAX. Width In. (mm) Weight Capacity Tons   lbs.
RSPO-5 24 (610) / 72 (1,829)



12 (305) / 48 (1,219)



2.5 / 5,000
RSPO-10 24 (610) / 96 (2,438)



12 (305) / 60 (1,524)



5 / 10,000
RSPO-12 24 (610) / 96 (2,438)



12 (305) / 60 (1,524)



6 / 12,000
RSPO-15 24 (610) / 108 (2,743)



12 (305) / 74 (1,880)



7.5 / 15,000
RSPO-20 24 (610) / 120 (3,048)



24 (610) / 84 (2,134)



10 / 20,000

NOTE: Custom Reel Stands are available and manufactured up to 100,000 lbs. Custom Reel Stands are available with all of the above mentioned Additional Optional Features.

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  1. I am interested in the RSPO-5 model. We are looking for possibly six units depending on the price. Can you please provide a quote?

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