Mobile Measuring and Coiling Systems

TU cart 10


The mobile measuring and coiling systems are ideally suited for coiling (or spooling) material from master reels mounted on a reel rack, reel roller platform, turntable or payout cart. Systems provided with 2″ measurer, drive system and collapsible coiling head. The frame is mounted on wheels, casters and floor locks for mobility within the facility. Standard coiling head dimensions are 5″W x 20″ID x 30″OD. Special size coiling heads are available, plus the coiling head can be removed and plug in shafts can be installed for small reels. Variable speed drive systems (up to 2HP) with safety footswitch or manually operated units are available. The model HMP/PO includes hydraulically raised reel payout system making the unit a completely self-contained reel to coil system. Options include plug in shafts, digital stop-to-length meters, cutters and traverse systems.

Model MAX. Width In. (mm) MAX. ID In. (mm) MAX. OD In. (mm) MAX. Material Weight Lbs. (kg) Horsepower
HMC 5 (127) 20 (508) 30 (762) 250 (113.4) Manual Operated
HMC-761 5 (127) 20 (508) 30 (762) 250 (113.4) 1 HP, AC
HMC-762 5 (127) 20 (508) 30 (762) 250 (113.4) 2 HP, AC
Model MIN. / MAX. Flange Diameter In. (mm) MAX. Width In. (mm) MAX. Weight Lbs. (kg) Horsepower
HMC-761-PO 18 (457.2) / 48 (1,219.2) 36 (914.4) 2,000 (907.2) 1 HP, AC
HMC-762-PO 18 (457.2) / 48 (1,219.2) 36 (914.4) 2,000 (907.2) 2 HP, AC


Reeling & Coiling Machines 

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  1. Can you provide me pricing for the two powered units? A single Take-up. Also, can you provide a 14″ ID coiling head with this unit.

    I have an active client seeking to upgrade from a manual take-up. Thanks for your help! Robbie Blackmon, EVP Aurora Advisory Services LLC.

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