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When it comes to measuring accuracy, you can count on us. When handling flexible material, accurate measurement of length is paramount. Power offers a complete line of flexible material measuring devices for material from 1/64″ to 6″ in diameter. Rugged industrial counter adds or subtracts, indicates to 99,999 ft. 11 inches with an accuracy of +/- 1/2 of 1%. These measuring systems are offered in a wide range of configurations that include mechanical counters, electronic display counters, and automatic programmable stop to length and integrated PLC devices for interconnection to external equipment. Track style measurers available for up to 4″ product.


Model MAX. Diameter In. (mm) Cable Dia. Range 
 2600 1″ (2.54) (0.03125 inches) to (1.00 inches)
 1702 2″ (5.08)  (0.0625 inches) to (2.00 inches)
 1704 4 (101.60) (0.50 inches) to (4.00 inches)


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