Collapsible Coiling Heads

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Collapsible Coiling Heads are designed to wind material onto the core, band material and collapse the coiling head for easy material removal. The collapsing outside paddles and ID pads, allow coil removal without handling a heavy, cumbersome flange or retainer arms. Two (2) standard units include a 4 paddle (4.5″ W x 8″ ID x 17″ OD) and a 6 paddle (5″ W x 20″ ID x 30″ OD) version, these sizes are, typically, available for immediate shipment. Or coiling heads may be designed to exact dimensions. Economical welded style and totally machined precision coiling heads are available. In addition, adjustable ID and Width heads with manual, hydraulic, air or electrical adjustment are available.

  • Sturdy all steel construction with hardened steel bolts and flex lock nuts.
  • These heads are machined for close tolerances. Rigid industrial environment all steel machined and welded construction for long operational life.
  • Four (4) to sixteen (16) reinforced paddle arms for added coil uniformity.
  • Steel Radius ID pads
  • Off set back structure for ease in banding.
  • Material start-up catch hooks.
  • Coil width is adjustable.
  • External style release latch, which when unlocked smoothly collapses the heads front structure to remove the banded coil.
  • Variety of mounting arrangements available.
  • The paddles are machined design consisting of reinforced carbon steel plate.
  • Front assembly, once unlocked, travels on machined cold roll steel center shaft support which is pinned to rear fixed back plate.
  • Flange mounted style hub or shaft mount.
Model Width
In. (mm)
In. (mm)
In. (mm)
MAX Material Weight
Lbs. (kg)
 CH-4.5  4.5 (114.3)  8 (203.2)  17 (431.8) 75 (34.02)
 CH-5  5 (127)  20 (508)  30 (762) 250 (113.4)



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