Powered Reel Roller Platform

Reel Roller, Powered

(Shown Above RRP-PO)


Powered Reel Roller Platforms are used as a means of de-spooling wire with and power assist to roll the reel forward to take the strain off of the Take-up unit. These units are constructed of heavy steel plate and have easy to roll long lasting platform rollers. They also have a front roller lock for easy removal and side roller flange guides. The back rollers are adjustable w/ handle to accommodate a variety of reel flange diameters. Standard Reel Roller Platforms are available for up to 3,000 lb. reels and Larger Units are available up to 20,000 lb. reels.

Technical Specifications 

Model No. Max. Width Max. Weight
280S 28” 2,000 lbs.
300S 30” 2,000 lbs.
360S 36” 2,000 lbs.
480DW-STD 48”  
480DW-HD 48” 2,000 lbs. (per side) Includes Heavy Duty Bearings
600 Adjustable width 3,000 lbs.

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Reeling & Coiling Machines 

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