Mobile Tip-Up Payout Cart


Shown Above: Model #MTUPO-5


PWR REELING Model # MTUPO-5 Mobile Tip Up Payout Cart,supports reels up to 60″ O.D. X 48″ Wide X 5,000 Lbs. Includes: Adjustable Level Shaft Supports to accommodate various Reel Diameters for easy tilting and lifting of Reels, Payout Cart is also available in a Floor Mounted Unit with bolt down tabs for manual loading and unloading or with forklift.

Model No.               Max. Diameter            Max. Width              Max. Weight

MTUPO-1                     36 (inches)                 26 (inches)                1,000 lbs.

MTUPO-2                     48 (inches)                 32 (inches)                2,000 lbs.

MTUPO-5                     60 (inches)                 48 (inches)                 5,000 lbs.


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