Measuring Device 4″ Max Diameter

reeling coiling measuring device

Cable, Wire & Rope Measuring Device .pngCable, Wire & Rope Measuring Device Model – #1704

Heavy duty, multi-purpose measuring device which measures the length of wire & cable, wire rope, synthetic rope, chain, hose, extrusions or continuous strip from 1/2″ min. to 4″ max. in diameter. 

  • Measures up to (4.0 inches) diameter (Similar Devices available for 1″, 2″ and 6″ max. diameters)
  • Heavy duty steel structure with integral mounting flanges
  • Totaling counter fitted
  • Superior Accuracy


  • Choice of polyurethane covered or knurled aluminum measuring wheels is available.
  • Small Wire Fair Lead Guide for better small diameter cable accuracy
  • Electronic Predetermining Length and Batch Counter w/ Large easy to read LED Readout
  • Integrated Electric Hydraulic Cable Cutting Device(Please specify Max. Cable Diameter, Alloy Type and Max. Tensils that you will be cutting)


Cable Diameter Range – (0.50 inches) to (4.00 inches) 

Measurement Accuracy – (+/-) 0.02%

Repair and Calibration

We can repair and recalibrate any similar style Measuring Device manufactured by Reel-O-Matic, ReelPower, Tulsa Power Products or Olympic Measurements. Please inquire about our Measuring Device rebuild and replacement program. 



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